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Grace Manufacturing Employees at the headquarters in ArkansasGrace Manufacturing Founders

Microplane,® a division of Grace Manufacturing Inc., is the premier brand worldwide for exceptionally sharp woodworking, culinary and salon tools. Microplane’s ascent into other markets began in the 1990s with the launch of a new type of tool for the company’s successful Woodworking Tools division. The long and narrow, rasp-style tool, featuring hundreds of tiny stainless steel razors was first created to shape or file wood.

In the Woodshop

Razor-sharp, stainless steel Microplane® rasps are for rapid smoothing and shaping of wood, plastics, rubber, auto body fillers, vinyl or asphalt tile, composites, and other non-metallic materials. The exclusive Microplane® manufacturing process creates extremely sharp teeth for fast, smooth, low-effort cutting. They are durable, non-clogging and rust-resistant. The sharp teeth on Microplane® rasps make it possible to use a very comfortable "draw filing" technique. The blade is held nearly sideways and pulled along the work, like a drawknife or a spokeshave. Used in this manner, Microplane® rasps have a smooth, precise shaving action that is especially good for trimming and straightening the long edges of boards and panels.

What makes Microplane so sharp?

Most rasps and files on the market use a stamped metal process. In this process the teeth are made the same thickness as the rest of the blade. As a result, stamped blades are dull. Microplane, utilizes a chemical process called photo-etching that defines and sharpens the edge of each tooth on the rasp. The result is a much sharper tooth, giving you the consumer, a more precise result with far less effort. Just watch your fingers and use gloves for your personal safety.

Microplane blades are sharper

Microplane Engineering

Microplane uses the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art engineering to maintain its “cutting edge” market leadership and stellar reputation for excellence.

Microplane Country of Origin

Microplane bladeIt’s difficult to compete in the gadget and tool market while manufacturing in the USA because of intense price pressure from Chinese manufactured goods. As a result, Chris Grace made a hard choice to move part of the manufacturing operations from the US to Mexico back in 2007. A Microplane-owned facility in Mexico seemed the best option to save as many US jobs as possible and keep the Microplane brand going. Microplane chemically etched blades are still made in the USA but assembled in Mexico.

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