About Microplane

Grace Manufacturing Employees at the headquarters in ArkansasGrace Manufacturing Founders

Microplane® , a division of Grace Manufacturing Inc., Headquartered in Russellville, Arkansas, Microplane Woodworking, Culinary, and Personal Care products are distributed throughout the world via its North American and European operations. Microplane currently owns multiple patents and produces over 400 products.


Microplane® is an Employee-Owned Company

From the Woodshop to the Kitchen to the Salon

Microplane® products deliver an unexpected and delightful experience to people who simply desire products that make their lives easier. Since 1990, Microplane has been winning the hearts and hands of people around the world through the superior performance of Microplane original technology. First applied to improve the performance of woodworking tools, Microplane technology blossomed to even greater acclaim when introduced a series of food graters and zesters. The latest innovation comes in the form of the Microplane Foot File, which has established the new standard in foot care. Microplane products deliver maximum results with minimal effort. Put the power of Microplane products to work for you and discover the Microplane difference. 


Feel good and do good by reducing your ecological footprint when choosing Microplane. There is less waste when using a Microplane, the professional grade materials mean the files last longer, and since the files can be sanitized at the salon in autoclave systems there is no need to use and throw away disposable files.  Since Microplane foot files perform best on dry feet, this means less water use at home in the shower and at the salon dry pedicures can be performed. Microplane is also a chemical free solution because the tools work so well, not harsh chemicals are needed to soften or remove callouses. 

What makes Microplane so sharp?

The secret of Microplane Foot Files and Buffers lies in over 40 years of precision metals manufacturing and engineering expertise, resulting in original and leading “edge” technology. The latest application of a unique Microplane etching process created the innovative “micro-file” design, which established Microplane foot files as the new performance standard in foot care. Removing skin in dust-like particles, the tiny files are immediately effective, amazingly easy, and surprisingly gentle. This revolutionary line of foot care tools quickly and effectively removes tough calluses and dry, unsightly skin, leaving feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

Microplane blades are sharper

Microplane Engineering

Microplane uses the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art engineering to maintain its “cutting edge” market leadership and stellar reputation for excellence.

Microplane Country of Origin

Microplane bladeIt’s difficult to compete in the gadget and tool market while manufacturing in the USA because of intense price pressure from Chinese manufactured goods. As a result, Chris Grace made a hard choice to move part of the manufacturing operations from the US to Mexico back in 2007. A Microplane-owned facility in Mexico seemed the best option to save as many US jobs as possible and keep the Microplane brand going. Microplane chemically etched blades are still made in the USA, but assembled in Mexico.


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