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Kitchen Tips for Improving your Life with Microplane Tools

Why grate your own cheese!?

  • Flavor, flavor, flavor! Grating a brick of cheese fresh before use has more natural oils and aromas.
  • Fresh-grated cheese doesn’t contain potato starch, cellulose and extra preservatives that come with pre-shredded, bagged cheese.
  • Save money! It costs less to grate your own cheese. A 24oz brick of cheese equals about 8 cups of shredded cheese.
  • Fast Flavor! It only takes 2 minutes on a box grater or extra-coarse grater to grate 8oz of cheese.

Tips for grating cheese!

  • Cheese is easier to grate when it is cold. (A sharp tool helps too!)
  • Grate cheese over waxed paper or a flexible cutting board to easily sprinkle or add cheese to your favorite dishes.
  • Spray your grater with a few pumps of a non-stick spray to make clean-up much easier (from article by Sarasota Herald Tribune)
  • Freeze your extra cheese! It is perfect for adding to dishes but gets watery if you use it as a garnish.

Other helpful things you can do with a grater!

  • Soften butter by grating it over an ultra-coarse or coarse grater! Perfect for baking. (Some experts say freeze your butter first when making pie crusts)
  • Use a very fine zester/grater or fine-blade grater to scrape off burnt edges of toast, cookies and other baked items.
  • Rough up the edges of gingerbread or cookie house building blocks so they stick together with frosting more easily.
  • Make small amounts of nut flour by grinding nuts in your rotary grater, or by using a food-holder attachment on your fine paddle graters.
  • Don’t skip the garnish when serving. Microplane gadgets and graters can add that extra pizzaz, from fluffy parmesan, fresh zest, twists, and peels, to minced herbs.
  • Make a coleslaw with an extra-coarse grater shreds cabbage, apples, onions and carrots to bite-size, chewable, uniform pieces.
  • Zoodles—you can create these with the .

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