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Cooking with brussel sprouts? Trim the tough bottom stem and slice the sprout in half lengthwise in one simple step with the new Sprout Slicer from Microplane! Forget the work you’ve come to expect when it comes to prepping sprouts and get cooking faster with the Sprout Slicer!

Featuring two extraordinarily sharp blades that are housed in a small, oval-shaped gadget that's easy to grasp and use, the cleverly designed Sprout Slicer simultaneously trims off the tough bottom stem and slices the small vegetable in half lengthwise in one easy step.  By simply placing the Sprout Slicer over the sprout, and holding the generously sized, soft-touch finger grips while pressing down, the tool quickly trims and slices with one smooth motion. Small in scale, yet powerful and effective the slicer eliminates the tedious and potentially dangerous task of trimming and slicing brussel sprouts with a knife. 

  • Trim the stem off of a brussel sprout and cut it in half in one motion
  • Eating cruciferous vegetables is healthy for your digestive system
  • Trimming the core from a sprout improves texture and flavor
  • Blades are made of stainless steel
  • Grips are soft-touch and easy to hold and grasp
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Extra! you can also chop eggs! 
More Information
Blade TypeStraight

Does it come with a cover?

This item does not ship with a cover. 

How do I use this tool?

Use it like you would an apple cutter, place the small end of the cross so it aligns over the stem, and the larger part of the cross over the sprout - then just press down. 

Use and Care

Dishwasher safe

Store blade side down

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