Gourmet Series Large Shaver


Gourmet series shavers, used by chefs, are the perfect kitchen tool for creating wide, fine shavings that are as flavorful as they are beautiful.  Garnishes like a pro when making salads, pasta dishes, and baked goods

The Microplane Gourmet Series Large Shaver has an expansive paddle with large and well-spaced edges for shaving coconut, chocolate, hard cheese, garlic and ginger. Also used to make carrot strips, the shaver is a versatile tool that provides wide grated results often found in salads.  The stainless steel blades are made in the USA.  Ultra-sharp photo etched teeth make fast work out of any grating chore. The Stainless steel frame provides extraordinary durability.  The soft touch handle matches back to the premium classic series zesters.   The non-skid foot adds stability when grating on counters and plates, and a reusable cover is included for safer storage. 

Use a Shaver for:

Recipes that deserve an impressive presentation. Cheese, garlic, chocolate, truffles, vegetables, ginger

Product Details:

  • Comfortable and ergonomic soft-touch handle with loop for optional hanging
  • Non-slip base for added stability
  • Reusable cover for safe storage
  • Material: Surgical grade stainless steel frame and etched blades; TPE plastic handle
  • Blade made in the USA, Assembled in MX
  • Dimensions: 12" x 2 5/8" " x 1"
  • Grating Surface: 5 1/4" x 2 5/8"
  • Shipping Weight: 7 oz
              More Information

              Is there an attachment for this grater?

              Yes, the Gourmet Series paddle graters (except the ultra coarse) all use the 45057 food guard slider attachment.  Use the food guard to easily grate garlic and nutmeg or small nuts. 

              How do you curl chocolate?

              There is a ton of advice out there, what we have found that works, is to slightly warm- not melt - the chocolate so it is a little like cold cream cheese density, then slowly push the softened chocolate over the shaver. 

              Other people suggest using a vegetable peeler with a straight blade instead of a slicer, or a shaver. 

              What happened to the red version?

              The red handle has been discontinued from the Gourmet Series line.

              Use and Care
              • Top-rack dishwasher safe. Hand wash cover.
              • We recommend rinsing your grater in warm water immediately after each use. Remove trapped particles from the non-sharp side whenever possible. To remove trapped particles on the front, first soak the tool in warm water and then use a cleaning brush to stroke in the Same direction as the teeth.
              • Store with blade covered when not in use.
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