Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blades

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A Versatile Slicer that Juliennes and Offers 3 Slicing Thicknesses

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The Microplane® Adjustable Slicer offers a long-lasting, ultra-sharp, stainless steel straight blade and also includes a julienne blade. The straight-edge blade cuts paper-thin to thick slices using three settings on the adjustable knob. Switch to the julienne blade for long, thin, even strips perfect for adding to pasta dishes and salads. 

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 12" x 4" x 1"
  • The 4" straight blade has a safe setting and three usable settings.
    • 0 = Safe setting for storage
    • 1 =1/32 in. - Thin
    • 2 = 1/16 in. - Medium
    • 3= 1/8 in. - Thick 
  • Etched julienne blade:
    • Creates long even"matchstick" strips. 
    • Conveniently store the julienne blade on the back of the unit to keep it out of the way when not in use. 
  • Large food holder included for ease of use and safety
  • Stainless steel frame for superior durability
  • Ergonomically designed soft-touch handle matches back to the Gourmet Series
  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel blade and frame. Plastic body.
  • Blades made in USA. Assembled in Mexico.
  • Hand wash recommended
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Use and Care

Caution: The blade and teeth are extremely sharp to offer the best performance and may cause injury if not used properly.

  • Handwash recommended.
  • Rinse slicer and julienne blade cartridge in warm water immediately after each use.
  • Store clean julienne blade cartridge in the back of the unit in the storage slot closest to the handle. 
  • Activate the safety setting for blade storage when not in use, by aligning the blade thickness lever to "0". 
  • Attach food holder onto the side of the slicer rail close to the handle to cover the blade.