XL Pro Replaceable Filing Cartridge 1pc

70304-1 pc

Save when you buy in bulk!

Save when you buy this item in bulk packaging! The XL Pro Replaceable FILING Cartridge features 175 tiny files. It pops into and out of the handle of any Microplane XL Pro model. See diagrams showing how to remove and replace each cartridge. Made in USA.

Product Details

  • Sold in singles, 5 pcs or 10 pcs.
  • Best used on dry skin, there is no need to soak feet prior to use.
  • For use with Microplane XL Pro Foot File model only.
  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 3.25"
  • Shipping Weight Varies
  • Materials: Filing surface made of surgical grade stainless steel. Plastic frame material designed to withstand professional sanitizing solutions, such as Barbicide.
  • Filing surface made in USA. Assembled in Mexico.

CAUTION: Do not use this product if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, or have any inflammation or open wounds on your feet. Always consult your physician if any of these conditions exist.

More Information

Can I use this with the Microplane paddle or orb style foot files?

The filing cartridge will not fit on the paddle or orb style foot files.

How long should each microplane filing cartridge last?

The cartridge should last from six months to one year depending on the roughness of your feet and how often it is used.

How Does It Work?

The Microplane Personal Care filing surface use a variation of the Microplane etched technology which allows you to zest an orange (skimming off the tough zest) and leaving the soft pith. In a similar, yet gentler process on your foot, the dead skin comes right off, leaving you with baby soft feet.

Why Is This Better Than Other Foot Softening Methods?

Our Microplane Personal Care tools feature a high quality, long lasting filing surface that exhibits high-performance in the kitchen but is gentle enough to use on your feet. Many foot care products in the market are not durable enough to work on thicker calluses. Lotions and other topical treatments may take days or weeks to show results but our Microplane foot files and buffing systems literally take seconds to give you soft feet you can be proud of! 

How Does It Feel?

It feels like a gentle foot massage, much like medium sandpaper. Our customer service team constantly receives e-mails from our customers expressing how satisfied they are with this product! 

Is there a way to replace the filing surface once it gets dull?

Yes, the Microplane XL-Pro Filing/Buffing System was designed with replaceable cartridges that can be purchased on this website.

Why are diabetics cautioned against using Microplane Foot Files?

Because a symptom of diabetes is numbness in the feet. We don't want our customers to file past the hard skin and cause damage to themselves.


Use and Care
  • For personal use, clean foot file with soap and water immediately after use.
  • Store with filing surface covered when not in use.
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