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GW10 Microplane Shaping Intro Set

GW10 Microplane Shaping Rasp Introductory Set

Save when you buy this set.

Price: $19.99
Item Number: GW10

"These things should be considered power tools. They remove stock at least 10x as fast as a $40 traditional cabinet rasp. They do get dull after awhile but a dull Microplane is still better than a rasp. If you are working with wood that tends to split when using a spoke shave these are the perfect alternative. They cut nearly as fast, maybe faster, and will not split the grain. The only draw back is that you don't get the smooth cut of the Spoke shave but this is fairly quickly alleviated by sanding."–C. Brown

Gift Set Includes
Product Details
  • Each shaper creates small shavings instead of dust for a healthier work environment.
  • Materials: Blade made of 400 series stainless steel. Plastic Handle
  • Blade made in USA. Molded in Mexico.

  • Microplane's etching technology creates an extremely sharp cutting tooth. Feed work slowly with light pressure until you become accustomed to the effectiveness.
  • Use on wood, plastic, sheetrock, rubber, and similar materials.
  • Use as an alternative to coarse sandpaper
  • Use to remove saw marks from edges or bumps from band saw cuts.
  • Great for planing a door for better fit.
  • Adjusting holes for standard door hardware.
  • "...Perfect-fitting coped crown molding cut in maybe five minutes." – Blog Archive

Where are these tools made?

The blades are made in Russellville, Arkansas. The tools are molded and assembled at our plant in Mexico.

Who produced the video shown on this page?

All thanks go to our friends at Axminster Tool Centre in the UK. (The European distributor for Microplane Woodworking.)

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