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Microplane Rotary Grater Drum Removal Instructions - Works on both Parmesan and 2-in-1 Rotary Graters

  Drum Removal Instructions  

Remove crank arm by turning it to the left, then to the right until center release point is reached.

Pull the blade out of the grater body.
Cover the blade with a small kitchen towel and grasp the end ring (shown in white). Twist forward and backward until it disengages from the drum.

To use for left handed applications position the end ring to the right of the blade drum. Insert drum into the body with the ring on the right and apply the crank arm to the left side of the housing. (It will twist and lock.)


Reassembling the crank arm, drum, and end ring.

  1. Hold towel covering the drum in one hand and end ring (white ring shown) in the other hand. Position the end ring on either end of the drum. Twist the end piece back and forth until it is securely locked into place.
  2. Remove the towel and slide the drum into the side of the grater body until the end ring touches the side.
  3. Position the crank arm on the side of the housing opposite the ring. Twist from left to right until it locks securely into place.