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Microplane Garlic Mincer Care and Cleaning

  Directions for Use:  
  1. Peel garlic cloves. Mincer will hold 1 - 4 cloves depending on size of each clove.
  2. Remove RAM from the BODY. To remove the RAM, press and hold the EJECT BUTTON with one hand and pull up on the RAM with the other hand using the FINGER HOLE until the RAM slides out.
  3. Slide MINCING GRID into the BODY and firmly push into place until you hear a loud click. FRONT FACE OF GRID cannot stick out and must be flush against the BODY.
  4. Put the garlic cloves into the opening at the top of the BODY.
  5. Insert the RAM into the same opening at the top of the BODY. Note: The RAM should go into the opening as shown - with the hole facing the garlic icon on the BODY.
  6. Push the RAM down (without forcing) until you hear a clicking sound. If you do not hear clicking noise, remove one or more cloves of garlic.
  7. Firmly grip the mincer and squeeze the HANDLE, then release. It will take a few squeezes before the garlic is pushed out far enough to be cubed.
  8. Repeat the squeezing action until all the garlic has been cubed and the pegs on the bottom of the RAM can be seen at the base of the MINCING GRID.
  WARNING: CAUTION: Sharp Blade! Keep fingers clear of BLADE and MINCING GRID while in use.  
  Care and Cleaning  
  All components of the Microplane garlic mincer are dishwasher safe. For best cleaning results:
  1. Remove the RAM from the BODY. (See step 2 in DIRECTIONS FOR USE)
  2. Remove the MINCING GRID from the BODY by firmly pressing down on the RELEASE TAB as shown in FIG 1. Make sure the RAM is removed before performing this step.
  3. To clean the BLADE, pull on the HANDLE while holding the BODY as shown in FIG 2. The HANDLE should pivot outwards to allow easy cleaning access.
  HELPFUL TIP: Use a soft bristle brush to remove stubborn garlic from MINCING GRID.